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The Consultation Process - What Happens
Once you have contacted us, we will email the Ivolution questionnaire for you to complete. We must stress that the more information and greater honesty you disclose at this time, will make the whole process much more efficient. Without total honesty or enough detail then important factors may be missed, that will impede effective resolution. However we understand that the amount of detail you reveal is entirely up to you.  
Once we have received your information back, we will arrange an informal one to one chat (consultation) at our local clinic. This will be to discuss the answers you have already given in greater detail, and determine the points that are most relevant in achieving your specific goals. This will last approximately 1 hour.  
Action Plan 
During your first consultation we will agree upon a simple action plan. The action plan will consist of up to 5 (maximum) adaptations to your current diet and lifestyle, designed to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing. Rather than attempt to change everything at once, we will decide together which changes are the most realistic that you could make, at this moment in time.
Regular Contact
In the period between consultations you are both encouraged and recommended to keep regular contact with us via email,  as you work towards your specific goals. This is so you can clarify any issues or ask any questions that may have arisen since we last spoke. However this is entirely of your own choice. 
Follow up Consultations
You are also recommended to attend at least one follow up consultation to evaluate your ongoing progress. Without regular analysis of what may or may not be working, your specific goals will be much harder to achieve. However, once more, this is entirely of your own choice.