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Laboratory Testing
The option of specific laboratory testing may be suggested in order to reveal possible biochemical imbalances , if other  diagnostic methods have not provided enough clarity. However this option is also available at any stage of the process, and you may personally request a certain test if you so desire.
The procedure differs from test to test but generally involves samples taken of either your urine, saliva, blood or stool, which is then passed onto the testing laboratory for analysis. The laboratory then assess the composition of the sample and produce an analysis report, which upon completion is sent back to us here at Ivolution.
From this report we can see where any imbalances may lie and how they may relate to your current diet and lifestyle. However, please be aware that the testing process is at an extra cost, and may be considered expensive for some.


Please see the list below for examples of some of the laboratory tests that are on offer, what sample is required and what they are used to assess:


  • Adrenal Stress Profile (Saliva) - Stress Levels
  • Thyroid Hormones T3/T4 (Urine) - Metabolism
  • Comprehensive (Stool) Analysis  - Digestion, Immune Function
  • IGG Food Panel (Blood) - Hidden or Delayed Allergic Reactions


Please be advised that this list is not exhaustive, and if you require more information on the tests that are available and relevant to you, please email