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Nutritional Supplements
Functional Nutrition primarily attempts to improve your nutritional status by helping you to choose the right food and drinks to eat. However in some cases it may be agreed that you would benefit from using a nutritional supplement to reinforce your diet in areas that may be lacking. This could be for several different reasons, such as:
  • Amino Acids (protein) to promote muscle repair after athletic or strength training
  • Echinacea to enhance your immune system
  • Probiotics to support gastrointestinal function
  • Milk Thistle to support liver function and therefore aid detoxification 
  • Multi Vitamin & Mineral to promote general all round health


This list is an example, not exhaustive, and always depends on your individual requirements.


The supplements that you will receive are not available on the high street and can only be bought by qualified nutritional practitioners. All supplements recommended are designed using the latest evidence based research on nutrient bioavailability, which means they are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, and are the best equipped to actually deliver the nutritional benefits they may claim.
Some suppliers may use ingredients that bind to the nutrient and make it hard for the nutrients inside to be absorbed in the intestines. They may also use the wrong combination or ratio of nutrients, so that some of the nutrients actually compete with each other for absorption and prevent one another from entering the bloodstream. So instead of promoting your health, many supplements may actually pass right through the gut and out the other side, which can be a very expensive waste of time.

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for more information on supplementation.