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Realism & Practicality

When we commence any diet , health or fitness regime, we all have unique aspirations of how much weight we want to lose or how we would like to look or perform.


Sometimes we want to lose too much too soon, or crave a body shape or fitness level that is simply not in our genes.  


If our dream weight , shape or fitness level is not tempered with a dose of realism, then ultimately all our efforts may end in disillusion and frustration. This may also further hamper our future motivation to dust ourselves down and try again, or in the weight loss scenario, we enter the dreaded lifetime dieting cycle!


There is also the often forgotten consideration of how we are actually going to achieve our dream target.


For example, if you are advised to switch from snacking on cakes to eating fruit instead, yet cannot stand the thought of this,  or decide to train for a marathon after years of neglect, then you begin to see that one simple practical change is already completely unrealistic for you or that you have taken on too much too soon.  




At Ivolution we understand that your individual health, fitness or weight goal is of the utmost importance to you, and always strive to help you achieve this.


However, on our first meeting we will always assess 2 critical factors that will serve to avoid any ultimate disappointment, and ensure your path to your target is both realistic and practical.


  • Is the target achievable (Realism)?

  • How are we going to achieve the target (Practicality)?