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Functional Nutrition

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Functional Nutrition





Functional Nutrition (FN) is simply a term describing the use of diet (nutrition) to support and enhance the normal physiology & biochemistry (functioning) of the body, in order to achieve a greater state of health, fitness and wellbeing.



Basically the fundamental reason why we eat in the first place !!!!



At Ivolution we analyse the "functionality" of our clients and offer nutritional & lifestyle solutions, designed to resolve any specific health, fitness or weight problems that the client may be experiencing.



This process involves you:


  • Completing a questionnaire comprising 3 days diet diary & symptoms analysis
  • Attending a one to one consultation to discuss your current diet and lifestyle
  • Implementing any agreed changes over an agreed time to achieve your personal goals



The simple truth is that we are all organisms living in a symbiotic relationship with nature and our environment.



This relationship has been disrupted over the last century through various reasons, and its existence even forgotten by many of us.



However by appreciating our place in nature, and taking greater care over our diet & lifestyle, the chronic health issues of the 21st Century may yet be avoided .



If you feel that we could help you, then email to book a consultation!



Still need convincing? Click on "Functional Nutrition Philosophy" to discover more about Functional Nutrition and how it might create a fitter, slimmer and healthier you!!!!